Is it Need or Want?

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

We have all seen the show "Hoarders" on TLC, Right? Well, I'm sure we can all admit to having some closet, garage or perhaps an entire basement filled with things we thought we needed. We feel a sense of connection or sentiment with these items; yeah, when we originally bought or obtained them they might of served a purpose or maybe it was just impulse, but it must have been important at the time.

Sometimes, it is hard to let go, but there always comes that time in life when you have to move and that's when you realize, "Wow, I have a lot of stuff", and now you are faced with the big decision of what to throw away and what to keep even though all of these items have been sitting around in your basement for years unused.

To change this habit you must change your way of thinking. Ask yourself before buying; Do I need it? Is it sustainable? Is it biodegradable? Can it be recycled? Of course

it still is very hard to escape plastic, ugh. We need to make this plastic disappear guys. "No, I would not like a plastic bag". Whatever happened to paper bags? Why can't I remember to bring one of my thousand totes to the grocery store? I just need to make it a habit. That's all. A conscious effort to do better and be a responsible earth inhabitant, as we all should be.

If we all used sustainable/eco-friendly products, maybe we wouldn't feel so bad throwing them away?

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