The Subconscious Guilt

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Have you ever seen garbage on the ground and thought to yourself, "eh, someone will pick it up, it's not my job"? Or have you ever felt that you want to do more for the environment but you don't think it would ever make a difference? Do you feel a slight guilt when you know you should be recycling but you throw it in the trash instead?

Well, it is our own fault because we have made our lives so convenient with our plastic bottles, and plastic straws. Not to mention all of the electronic devices we replace on a constant basis. So many cars on the road with only one person in them, all of which are SUVs or bigger.

We do not realize that sometimes it is the small things that we do that make a WORLD of difference. Just changing the way you think to be more earth-minded. Yes, it may be a little inconvenient for you, but the benefit will be greater than you know.

Down 2 Earth is here for you, we can all make a difference starting today by exchanging the products that we use everyday with eco-friendly options.

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